Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Schematics: Dog Kennel Configuration

This is the trapazoidal dog runs configured together to make a large polygonal kennel. Only a portion of the interior will be covered, like the interior dog room and the walkway. In the center, where there is no roof, will be the courtyard. This will help relax the dogs, absorb noise, and filter odors.

Not sure of the practicality of having it half-roofed. Perhaps there is a solution/fix to this that I have not stumbled upon...

"I thought I’d go check out the dog kennels, which is really quite interesting. The shape is functional for its occupants and for the exhaustive volume of dogs. In the center is a courtyard with an open roof exposed to the clear sky. Surrounding this courtyard is my walkway, which is covered to protect me incase it was not such a beautiful day. Continuing my path, I make a complete circle. Between each dog kennel are coniferous trees, to last year round for sound and odor filtration. The sight of trees and the exposed sky is stimulating for the dogs, as a dog cannot resist the outdoors. If I am interested in a dog, I can have an attendant bring the dog into the courtyard where we can have a “meet and greet in the park.”

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