Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dog Kennel & Run Configuration

I would like to introduce a "new" approach to dog kennels, an idea borrowed from 19th century European Functionalism of horse stables. Because dogs and horses are of the same species, I have continued my research accordingly with consideration of a higher domestic fragility for the dog.

In this model, the shape of the overall run is trapazoidal. The narrow end will be interior and small in size, a place for sleep or relaxation for the dog. On the opposite end, the shape continues to broaden as to maintain the running line for dog activity and increase his or her ever-so-important TERRITORY!

Through my research, I have learned the importance of territory for dogs. A major contributer to stress in such animals is the mental instability of being without territory. Another stress contributer for dogs is the great outdoors. Exposure to sunlight and landscaping is an eager instinct that if considered and exercised, stress levels will will bad behaviors such as barking, digging, aggression, etc.

When multiple runs are configured together, a polygonal kennel is completed. This will allow for an "interior" courtyard in the center of the polygon for dog exercise and "meet & greet time in the park" with potential adoptees. Walkways will line the perimeter of both the interior and exterior contours of the polygon.

For system and material code research, dog surfaces have to be impervious to moisture. Therefore, I will incorporate radiant floor heating so that fluids can dry quickly, helping control sanitary standards. Radiant floor heating is the system of choice for animals and humans, as the thermal comfort from ground up is undeniable!

Individual drains are also highly recommended, instead of trench drains. Individual drains keep wastes separated from another's waste, preventing disease and illness transmission.

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uncg interior architecture said...

mckenzie --
great reflection...but i point out that dogs + horses are NOT in the same species...dogs are in the species canis lupus familiaris while horses are in the species equus caballus. you shouldn't abandon your idea about the kennel as inspired by horse stalls in the past...but you do need to shift your writing to reflect the correct animal species. they are both mammals, but horses are part of the order perissodactyla (plant-eating), dogs = canidae (carnivorous)...and the differences continue.