Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ZooToo 1,000,000 Shelter Makeover

The Guilford County Animal Shelter [GCAS] was the focus of my undergraduate thesis dissertation. With hardworking souls and eager pets, the facility desperately needs attention for healthy living operations. Over the years, the need for animal housing has exhausted the GCAS, causing the facility to sacrifice space/rooms for the sake of animal opportunity. Having to constantly, and quickly, sacrifice space has made employee work performance inefficent and less productive by way of poor circulation, disorganization, and unhealthy sanitation standards. Ultimately, this exhaustian falls on each individual animal, causing dispositional/behavioral stress.

Please sign up at www.zootoo.com/makeover to register and help gather enough points to make the top 20 shelters in need--our community needs it, our animals deserve it! The top 20 finalists will continue on through the competition with a chance to win a 1,000,000 makeover!!

Top 20 will be narrowed down by site visits [the "worst" will be selected for the deserving top 10] and then America has the final vote!

Be sure to invite your friends, upload photos, and/or comment on articles at zootoo's website; for every friend registered/photo uploaded/comment received the GCAS [or shelter/affiliation of your choice] receives a respected amount of points.