Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Schematic: Entry Way

This is a more developed facade of what was posted below.

+Stained concrete pathway: SoyCrete Acid-Alternative
+CMU block wall construction
+CMU textured block finish (original)
+Stained concrete "plaster" walls
+Storefront Aluminum Doors
+Operable windows: awning & double-hung
+Cupolas! Must be inter-designed with windows
+NC friendly trees: drought resistant, easy to grow, easy to maintain, deciduous & coniferous

"Upon approaching the main entry, my eyes take note of my surroundings. I can see a glimpse of a large polygonal building hidden behind deciduous and coniferous trees, filtering dog barks and the accompanying odors. The sight relaxes me, especially the variety of rich dark evergreens, saturated maples of red, green, and yellow leaves, and the white burst of dogwood florals to remind me of our beautiful state of North Carolina. Extending from the polygonal building I see a breezeway, which surely must appreciate the same view of abundant trees, leading my eyes to the main gable front entry. The shape is very simple and completely symmetrical, reminding me of a child’s typical drawing of a house—a farmhouse, at that. The entry fa├žade is supported with exposed cool grey cinderblock walls, alleviated with a light warm brown plastered center, and accented with bright red windows, doors, and cupolas. The exposure to raw materials makes me feel healthy and grounded, especially when I look down to see this beautiful stained and textured concrete walkway that pulls together all materials and sights."

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