Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Schematics: Breezeway Connector

"I am going to visit the cat atrium, and through my journey, I am directed through a breezeway. On one side, there is a full wall with an exposed raw cinderblock foundation and extending upward are vertical textured striped cinderblocks, similar to what the facility once was—or still is. Slightly above my head are small square windows with a single grid in each pane, bounded together with a rich striking red cladding that matches the paneled door in front of me as my destination. Guiding me is the same beautiful stained and textured concrete walkway that once inspired me outside at the entry. And to my right is the same beautiful view that had caught my attention, framed by screened in columns. The coordination of inside to outside correspondence reminds me of a park, or as if I am on a farm, where the landscape is so notorious for its tranquilities."

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