Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kennel Details

This image is absolutely beautiful, I love the material choices as well as the level of detail for joinery.

The use of stone in outdoor spaces are highly ideal, for they are very absorptive of any exposure to liquids. Rain or waste, the stone will absorb the fluids and return it to the earth. Exposure to direct sunlight is also highly beneficial, as the contact of stone and sun are self disinfecting--great for a dog run!

I also want to take note of the setbacks/reveals in relation to the stone walls, the metal columns, the overhead trellis, and the plants. The stone walls are separated from the metal columns, creating a reveal that allows the opportunity for plant growth. Above, these columns support an overhead trellis for spacial qualities. Once the plants around the columns have reached a higher maturity, they will continue to grow along the trellises, providing great light filtration.

For my project, this is image fabulous in helping me define details. I love the stone walls for its absorptive qualities, its self disinfecting, and its potential for absorbing sound. The reveal has inspired me of how to separate the dog facades from the human walkway. I want it separate enough to feel safe and relaxed, yet close enough to experience the emotional qualities of each dog. Having the continuous overhead trellis and the embracive qualities of the columns help demonstrate my desired effect.

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